Pomellato explores AI art in “dynamic painting” campaign

Italian luxury jewellery designer Pomellato partnered with artist Alberto Maria Colombo for a cross-border collaboration in Milan and Chengdu.

In the run-up to this year’s 520 shopping festival, which takes place later this month, Pomellato is promoting its iconic NUDO jewellery collection by posting daily on Chinese social media. To elevate this campaign and bring it into the offline sphere, the brand also collaborated with artist Alberto Maria Colombo.

Taking the vivid NUDO colours as inspiration, Colombo created an AI-driven “dynamic painting”, in which a model moves between various scenes with a shimmering, painted background.

After being first showcased in Milan, the work was presented at Chengdu’s Harvest Moon Art Centre, where Pomellato CEO Sabina Belli, Chinese artist Yang Mian and Colombo held an art forum to delve into the history of the brand and its creative evolution. Local band ambassadors were in attendance, including artist and model Cici Xiang and actor Wang Yang.

Pomellato posted a montage from the event on China’s Twitter equivalent Weibo, garnering 62,000 views and 36,000 shares. To further promote the campaign, Pomellato’s official Weibo account has been posting stills from the dynamic painting alongside the NUDO ring that matches the scene’s colourway.

The NUDO ring is Pomellato’s iconic design and calling card. Its name comes from its “naked design” as the stones are not set within prongs and so jut out of the band unadorned. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the brand launched a new NUDO collection in 2021.

By bringing together Italian and Chinese artists and craftspeople, the exhibit showcases Pomellato’s cultural heritage while also leveraging local idols to spread the brand’s voice on Chinese social media. The NUDO artwork series by Colombo also incorporated AI technology, tapping into recent buzz generated by the use of AI generative technology as an art and design tool.


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