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“What is this goldmine of a website I have just come across?

Dear guest,

Welcome to Dao Insights, a treasure trove for anyone looking for inspiration from or for China.

We know that there are very few opportunities to learn and improve our understandings of China. This makes it just that little bit harder for businesses and individuals to truly connect and communicate with/about Chinese people.

Thus the creation of Dao Insights.

Let us start at the very beginning, for that is the true meaning of dao 道:

  • 道生一 dao creates 1
  • 一生二 1 creates 2
  • 二生三 2 creates 3
  • 三生万物 3 creates everything else

The character is the root of everything. And the root of this publication is Chinese people and cultures. Whether we are talking about marketing, creative or technology, we prioritise the understanding of our audience first and foremost.

Dao is introduced to aid brands, marketers, and individuals alike who are seeking to understand Chinese people and culture, to learn, and to improve their Chinese digital practices without having to leave their country or master the Chinese language. We want to eradicate cultural and professional barriers.

Dao Insights is our passion project and the foundation of everything we do. It is our mission is to Open the world to China.

We hope you find it useful!

Wishing you the very best on your China journey,

Dao Insights Team