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“What is this goldmine of a website I have just come across?

Dear guest,

Welcome to DAO, a new treasure trove for anyone looking for inspiration from or for China.

What started as a project of passion – sharing incredible creative work, news, and trends from China – eventually turned into a mission.

In China, digital experiences play a far greater role in personal and commercial life than anywhere else. This is matched by a digital generation that demands constant innovation and technical development from platform and brand owners.

Yet Western marketers struggle to successfully cross over and create Chinese customer experiences using replicated processes intended for the Western market.

The fact that there are very few opportunities to learn and improve on Chinese digital marketing practice makes it just that little bit harder for brands to truly connect and communicate with Chinese people.

Thus the creation of DAO.

We want to eradicate these cultural and professional barriers.

DAO is introduced to aid brands and marketers alike who are seeking to understand Chinese people and culture, to learn, and to improve their Chinese digital practices without having to leave their country or master the Chinese language.

Our mission is to Open the world to China.

And we hope you find it useful!

Kindest Regards,

Dao Insights Team