News, Trends, Case Studies from China.

Is a set of bespoke insights products, providing the most up-to-date news on your
industry, market, and most importantly, people and cultures in China.

The Value


We offer key insights, exclusive analytics and authoritative reports direct from Chinese sources

Gain market intelligence with the latest trends, news, and consumer insights in China
This can be across any subject of interest to be tailored for your needs
Learn updated Chinese regulations and policies that can affect business decisions
Build expertise via exclusive analytics and custom sourced research and reports

China’s consumer market growth potential remains an immense opportunity and top focus for every global brand this coming decade.

Dao Pro work with global brands to build and launch reports that provide your teams with the right intelligence to stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

Why Dao Pro

China is a key market for global brands but also extremely competitive, we provide up-to-date knowledge to help you compete and WIN.

Chinese brands understand consumers better, are driving innovation, and are very adaptive in all areas, so we help you to keep up with their every move, know your enemy!

Chinese service design in digital engagement is far ahead of the West, and we can help you to understand these developments to leverage on for your future western strategies.

Marketing is downstream from culture

We are proud to pass on our knowledge of Chinese people and culture to help our clients to gain a deep understanding of Chinese consumers, the channels to reach them and tactics to power market growth.

To achieve this, we have created three main products:

Regular Reports

Bespoke weekly or bi-weekly reports tailored for your brand, audiences, and industry — keeping your team informed on brand-relevant news and trends in China. Your ear on the ground, without being on the ground.

Deep Dives

Hyper focused and hyper relevant, we investigate specific consumer, category, or industry topics for marketing push or brand/product launch in China. Minimise your China risk. Get it right first time.


Our most intimate product. Workshops can be in person or online, covering deep dive research topics or insights stemming from the regular reports. A chance to talk to our insights specialists who live and breathe Chinese people and cultures!

Quotes from our clients

We receive insights from around the world and Dao Insights gives us a unique perspective on the trends that could influence our marketing, product innovation and strategy for China. We have worked with the team on diving deeper and running workshops into a number of topics highlighted through Dao Pro such is the interest of our stakeholders.

Digital Innovation Strategist Louis Vuitton

Through the newsletter, we can keep up with the latest marketing trends, enabling us to act quickly in this fast-changing industry. With a wide range of in-depth analysis, our team members are empowered with useful insights that help us execute our campaigns with solid expertise and knowledge.

Senior Marketing Manager Duty Free Store

Dao Insights provides fresh and edgy news. The articles are always very relevant, and the tone of voice is very pleasant to read. Dao Insights is a must have source to decode Chinese trends.

Insights & Analytics Strategic Manager Boucheron

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