Dior celebrates successful celebrities for International Women’s Day

In recent years, International Women’s Day has become known as ‘Queen’s Day’ or ‘Goddess Day’ in China. The name change has accompanied the growing narrative of female empowerment in China and embodies the idea that women should assert their independent values and identity, aside from being a mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend and sister. The ‘rebranding’ of International Women’s Day has also focussed on women using the occasion to spoil themselves. A notion that has readily been adopted by brands who seek to use the event as a money-making opportunity.

Dior showcases successful women

Dior’s campaign video celebrates female achievement globally and highlights women’s role in society

Dior’s International Women’s Day campaign in China illustrates some of these themes. It was originally launched as a global campaign under the name of “Dior stands with women” in October 2020 which celebrated the brand’s history of inspiring women. The campaign only debuted in the Chinese market this year especially for the day under the name of “The natural real me” 天生真我. The campaign promotes Dior’s new perfume ‘Jadore’ as well as celebrating International Women’s Day with a short video.

Dior's J'adore perfume for International Women's Day
Credit: Dior

The luxury brand invited some iconic women from around the world to share their stories and celebrate their contribution to society, including:

  • Dior’s ambassador and actress Charlize Theron
  • Artist Pamela Tulizo
  • Actress Golshifteh Farahani
  • Model Cara Delevingne
  • Actress Li Bingbing

In doing so, Dior’s video celebrates female achievement globally and highlights women’s role in society. In addition to inspiring women, the campaign also sought to shine a light on the charity work carried out by Charlize Theron. Its ambassador’s organisation, Charlize Theron’s African Outreach Project, aims to empower young people in Africa and help protect them from HIV/ AIDs.

After just two days of releasing their campaign in China, the hashtag ‘#the natural real me’ had gained 325,000 views on Weibo and the video had been watched 619,000 times.

“Keep real, keep being yourself.”

“I hope my girl can be herself forever.”

“There is nothing wrong with being myself.”

“I support Charlize Theron, she is very intelligent.”

Responses from netizens

Celebrating and inspiring women  

Brands should focus on celebrating femininity and women’s successes for International Women’s Day, as illustrated by Dior’s campaign. Campaigns that inspire and support will go down well among female consumers, especially due to the increased prominence of female empowerment in Chinese society.

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