The Chinese lingerie brand taking on women’s beauty standards

Neiwai, literally translated as ‘Inside and Out’, is a Chinese lingerie brand that focuses on female empowerment through its clothes and marketing campaigns. It asserts that its underwear is “not just made to be worn, they are Made To Live In”.

“As our name suggests, our focus is on liberating and empowering women with comfortable, functional clothing which accentuates natural beauty – we want to help you embrace yourself, inside and out.”

NEIWAI’s official website

Neiwai was launched in 2012 and has now expanded to more than 1.5 million consumers around the world and over 400 employees in China and the US. As well as 80 offline stores in China, it also has an online presence through its Tmall store and WeChat Mini-Program.

Challenging stereotypes about women’s bodies

Neiwai produced a short film “No body is nobody” featuring six women of different body shapes, ages and personalities

For International Women’s Day 2020, Neiwai produced a short film “No body is nobody” featuring six women of different body shapes, ages and personalities. Each expressed their feelings about their body and challenged traditional stereotypes towards women’s appearances. In Chinese media and social media, women are often depicted as having slim legs, a tiny waist and white, radiant skin. As a result, social expectations have caused body issues for many young women who worry that they are not pretty or slim enough.

Neiwai’s campaign challenges these stereotypes and shows viewers that there is not one definition of beauty. The video explores the relationships between individuals and their bodies. The women interviewed embrace their ‘imperfections’ and don’t feel shame about the scars or fat which cause them not to fit the image of a ‘perfect woman’. In doing so, the campaign highlights the diversity of beauty and encourages women to feel confident about their own bodies.

Support from netizens

The video led to an outcry of support on social media and gained 262,000 views on Weibo and 100,000 reads on WeChat.

“Girls’ beauty cannot be defined by other people.”

“You should accept yourself and your body.”

“There is no such thing as a ‘perfect body’.

“Everyone is special in her own way.”

Comments from netizens

Campaign returns in 2021

Neiwai has continued this campaign in 2021 with the hashtag ‘#No Body is Nobody’, in order to empower more women. This year’s campaign also features females with different attributes who share their feelings towards their bodies. It contains the overarching message that beauty can only be defined by yourself, not by other people. Following a year in which female empowerment has become a popular topic of TV shows and online, the hashtag has already gained 6.93 million views on Weibo ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8.

Neiwai appeals to changing societal values

Neiwai has resonated with many Chinese women who want to shake off social expectations and assert their growing confidence

Due to societal expectations and pressures stemming from social media, a large number of Chinese women feel anxious about their appearance and body shape. Neiwai’s campaign responds to their anxieties by encouraging women to embrace themselves, both their body and mind, as highlighted in the brand’s name ‘inside and out’.

As a tide of female emancipation and independence has swept social media and marketing campaigns, Neiwai’s campaign appeals to a topic that is of growing importance to young Chinese women. Therefore, the brand has resonated with many Chinese women who want to shake off social expectations, and assert their growing confidence.

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