Douyin holds ‘Queen’s Day’ festival for International Women’s Day

Queen’s Day and Goddess Day campaigns

International Women’s Day, which takes place on March 8, has become better known by two other names in China – ‘Queen’s Day‘ or ‘Goddess Day’. They have been adopted to symbolise that women should spoil themselves or be spoiled on the day. Brands and merchants have also readily adopted these names to promote the idea that women should use the special day to buy products that they’ve always been dreaming of and enjoy time pampering themselves with friends.

Nowadays, brands rarely use “Happy International Women’s Day” for their marketing campaigns in China. Instead, they wish female consumers a “Happy Goddess Day” or “Happy Queen’s Day” and offer discounts, livestreaming and other promotions.

This year is the first time that short-form video platform Douyin (Chinese TikTok) will launch a special shopping festival for the occasion which it has named ‘Queen’s Day shopping festival’. It will last for ten days between February 27 and March 8 and will offer celebrity livestreaming, discounts, and other topical activities. A number of big brands will participate, including Apple, homegrown make-up brand Perfect Diary, popular sportswear brand Li-Ning, Avène and gold corporation China National Gold.

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