Tsinghua University and Florasis launch branded virtual personas

China’s leading Tsinghua University and make-up brand Florasis are the latest of a growing number of brands and institutions to tap into virtual images. Similar to a virtual KOL, they are AI-powered and can act as a spokesperson and show off the brand’s identity.

On 1 June, the Department of Computer Science at Tsinghua University revealed China’s first AI virtual student – Hua Zhibing 华智冰. Hua can compose poems, paint, and write scripts, and also has certain emotional capabilities. Her face and voice are generated by China’s large-scale ‘enlightenment’ (悟道) artificial intelligence model.

On the same day, Chinese make-up brand Florasis announced the launch of its virtual persona, which is named after the brand. It is the first domestic cosmetics brand to create an ultra-realistic virtual representative.

According to the brand, her image was inspired by the well-known poem written by Su Shi in the Northern Song Dynasty:

“West Lake compares to Xi Zi the beauty at her best: she is gorgeous richly clothed or plainly dressed”

Virtual Florasis encapsulates the make-up brand’s strong focus on its Chinese heritage. The production team studied Chinese face shapes and beauty standards in order to make her seem more realistic and even gave her a beauty mole above one of her eyebrows.

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