Scented products dominate the Christmas gift scene as fragrances in China gain ground

Various brands have been rolling out their Christmas special editions in celebration of the holiday which is right around the corner. Amongst these, perfume gift sets tops the list of most appropriate gift options for Chinese consumers, as they are both unique and personalised.

With the spotlight moving away from the pandemic, family reunions are making a comeback which has reignited the sense of appreciation and Christmas spirit in China. A lively and joyful festive vibe can be felt on Chinese social media platforms, despite the fact that Christmas is a western tradition.

For example, hashtags like #Christmastree as well as #Christmasmakeup has garnered a lot of attention on Xiaohongshu, and the topic of Christmas presents has been pushed to be one of the hot searches on Weibo.

Various Christmas elements have already been played out in brands’ limited edition sets through its packaging and scents. The Beast, a Chinese high-end florist and concept store, this year launched a set of Christmas beauty gifts under the theme of both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts with scented candles and candle holders included, all of which is only available on the brand’s mobile app and WeChat mini programme.

On top of that, domestic beauty brands such as Little Ondine have drawn inspiration from unconventional sources such as Santa’s green cape and introduced a new green fluffy gift set containing two lipsticks and a handbag. It’s worth mentioning that the handbag is made of recycled rabbit fur and is used to replace the usual paper gift box to align with environmental protection values.

Amongst all the newly released goods related to the festive period, perfume sets have been a driving force for sales. According to China’s Perfume Industry Research 2022, scented products that speak to consumers’ emotional needs have become the tipping point for buyers.

An overall burgeoning interest in fragrance consumption can be observed in China, in pursuit of showcasing one’s taste and expression of individuality. 

Home fragrances have also been gaining traction, supporting the reason why Christmas fragrance gifts are favoured by Chinese shoppers. With a scented candle burning in the room, the calming aroma filling the air, and sitting by the Christmas tree with family, all these elements together paint a lovely picture of the much anticipated festive season. 

According to Statista, the overall turnover in the fragrances segment in China amounted to 1.19 billion USD in 2022, with an expected annual growth rate of 4.19% by 2027.

It is believed that the perfume market in China has a high potential waiting to be explored by relevant brands. In order to achieve this, brands needed to renovate their technologies to cater to the scent taste of savvy Chinese consumers.


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