Meituan takes steps to shake up the benefits of livestreaming businesses

The Chinese food delivery giant Meituan recently launched a new app feature called “Meituan Livesteaming Assistant”, which is a free livestreaming tool for businesses and livestreaming icons.

In addition to the previous functions of Meituan, users reported that the new assistant app also features lots of different options including supporting the host of livestreaming to add group purchases, coupon exchange, and other types of products that can be used to extend its functionality even further.

Previously, Meituan tried to livestream in the medical beauty, wine tourism, and other industries, but the business was in a small-scale development stage. By introducing the app assistant, livestreaming in diversified industries can be played into use more efficiently, and allows the platform itself not to miss out on China’s livestreaming boom.  

In fact, “Meituan Livestreaming Assistant” has opened up a new live category of livestreaming. This Livestreaming Assistant has claimed multiple benefits via its upgraded livestreaming category for users and businesses alike, which includes new transaction options such as group order, e-commerce, and takeaway. Therefore, we start to see the construction of a live broadcast ecology taking shape.

Meituan’s move to upgrade its livestreaming ecology has provoked the ire of many developers within the online business community. Livestreaming platforms such as Chinese TikTok Douyin, Kuaishou, and Taobao have become important tools for companies to obtain new orders as livestreaming not only expands the traffic channel, shortens the distance between goods and customers, but also provides customers a deeper and more intuitive understanding of products.


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