Olé provides a suite of services to explore sustainable lifestyles

Olé is a boutique supermarket brand under China Resources Vanguard. Since its establishment in 2004, it has not only transformed the aspect of function but also taken the lead in introducing a concept kitchen, independent wine cellar, and cigar room.

Moreover, Olé has a vice-like grip on integrating multiple categories it operates in, in particular the “supermarket + café” and “supermarket + restaurant” concepts. Additionally, in response to the call for environmental protection, it has also established a professional agricultural residue testing laboratory.

For the health needs of modern users, the brand launched low-calorie, low-fat, and low sugar products to provide consumers with more choices.

Olé has also set up a green supply chain, including the traceability of fresh food to the central testing store, which essentially controls all links of the commodity supply chain, to ensure the green requirements for consumers and the virtuous cycle of the ecosystem.

Being user-centric, Olé has been adapting its environmental-friendly business strategy to be far more interesting and innovative. Offline interactive innovation stores furnished with organic dining tables and music, create a natural atmosphere with visual expression for consumers to immerse themselves in a green and environmentally friendly life.

The results were surprisingly good. By April 2022, Olé has opened 97 stores across the country, covering 31 key cities, with more than 10 million registered as members. As a sustainable and strategic thinker,

Olé tends to focus on the long-term game and not the steps back or in between. It is noted that Olé will expand with over 15 new stores per year in the future, including many new cities, provincial capitals, and new first-tier cities.


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