Coca-Cola launches customised gift set for Chinese Valentine’s Day

Qixi Festival, i.e. Chinese Valentine’s Day, which will take place on 14 August this year, is an opportunity for couples to show love for their partner with customised gifts.

Coca-Cola has launched a personalised Qixi gift set that allows consumers to write their own personal message on the front of bottles. The gift box includes four flavours – chocolate, lychee, vanilla, and rose – which are exclusive to Qixi Festival. Coca-Cola will only sell 300 gift sets every day, and, according to a netizen’s post on Weibo, the brand has successfully sold out every day since the product launch. 

“Relationships and love can’t be customised as everyone has their own standards and expectations of what their partner should be like… Although you can’t control your relationship, you can design Coca-Cola’s bottle.”

Message from Coca-Cola’s campaign

Users can design their bottle and order a gift set through Coca-Cola’s WeChat Mini-Program, providing a direct shopping experience for consumers. 

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