Chinese education company targets parents after crackdown on private tutoring

Companies have been adapting their business model to recent government crackdowns in the education sector.

In July, China’s central government initiated its “double reduction” policy, which refers to reducing the homework load for young children and the amount of after-school tutoring. New regulations were also introduced which banned private education and tutoring businesses from going public globally and from making profits. Forced to become non-profit institutions if they are involved in the private tutoring of children, many education institutions have undergone a business transformation. 

New Oriental, a famous private education company, has recently launched a quality-oriented education (素质教育) centre in cities including Beijing and Hangzhou. The centre has six sections. One of which – the Quality Parent Wisdom Centre – will provide parents with lessons on how to educate their children, including family education, parenting methods, multi-task and time management, and efficient learning classes. 

The hashtag “#New Oriental is transforming its business to train parents” (#新东方转型培训父母) hit 220 million views on Weibo and sparked a heated discussion. 

“Is it for parents to teach their children how to do homework?”

“The most important training for parents is to earn more money.”

“So funny. We grew up attending private tutoring. I didn’t expect that we would still be the target audience when we became parents.”

Netizens’ comments

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