Gucci launches exclusive apple-and-heart Qixi collection for Chinese market

Qixi festival, China’s ‘traditional’ Valentine’s Day which stems from a romantic folktale, is around the corner. Brands are already releasing their campaigns and collections as they hope to attract the attention of gift-giving couples in the lead up to the event which falls on 14 August this year.

Luxury brand Gucci has launched a series of stories about love and romantic encounters in Shanghai for this year’s Qixi festival. The campaign – called “How We Met” – features a number of celebrities, including supermodel Xiaowen Ju and singer Lucas, wearing pieces from the Gucci Les Pommes collection.

The design is characterised by an apple-and-heart motif which was chosen because apples are often used to represent love in China, due to the phrase “you are the apple of my eyes”. Some pieces from the collection are exclusively available in China. 

The hashtag “#Gucci Qixi Festival” (#古驰七夕情人节) hit 540 million views on Weibo and many users commented that they loved the combination of an apple and love-heart.

Gucci also launched its “Link to Love” collection ahead of Qixi. According to the luxury brand, the global collection is:

“an exploration of modern romance characterizing new symbols of love.”

Consumers can design their own items by selecting their bandwidth, stones, and hues of white, yellow and rose gold. 

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