Apple descends on Douyin after being picked as best seller in “618”

The American tech label Apple has thrilled users on Douyin (Chinese TikTok) with its landing on the viral short video app, amassing more than 300,000 followers in just one day since its debut on 22 June. This marks Apple’s second feature on China’s video-sharing platforms after already testing the waters of short videos when it brought its autumn press release to WeChat Video Channels last September, and also adding to the brand’s social presence on China’s biggest microblogging site Weibo.

Upon their arrival, the iPhone maker pressed ahead with a campaign under the hashtag “Film with iPhone”, which is intended to educate local consumers on how to maximise iPhone’s features to create decent video content. Three videos were posted on the account showcasing a cinematic look with vivid colours that are afforded by its iPhone devices and have so far garnered a total of 600,000 likes. And views of the campaign hashtag are reported to have hit 400 million as of 23 June, with hundreds of clips generated by not only individual iPhone fans but also local Apple store accounts.

The move came just after the smartphone expert knocked out sales of approximately 2.06 million units over China’s second-largest e-commerce shopping phenomenon “618” this year, taking the top spot for best seller in the smartphone category overall and the first on the mobile-only agriculture-focused e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, according to Moojing Market Intelligence. This demonstrates continued consumer enthusiasm toward iPhone products in China.

The release of the iPhone 13 line-up last September sparked a buying storm at Apple’s local stores in China, pulling off sales growth of 21% to $25.78 billion by 25 December in Greater China regions, which accounts for 20.8% of the brand’s total sales during that period. Soon after the buying frenzy, Apple regained its top spot in China’s smartphone landscape earlier this year, with a record-high market share, clocking in at 23% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

By expanding the brand’s digital footprint on China’s major short video platforms, it allows Apple to present the visual capabilities of its products in a more effective and engaging way while also deepening its penetration of local consumers by leveraging the nation’s short video sensation.


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