Has Apple reclaimed its dominance in China?

Young Chinese are obsessed with filming short videos on mobile devices, with the camera a pivotal point for any young consumers on the hunt for a new phone. No domestic electronic products manufacturers want to miss out on the trend and nor do global brands like Apple, with the brand once again pushing to confirm their stronghold over the Chinese phone market.

In collaboration with one of China’s e-commerce giants JD.com, the international smartphone maker has brought together something that would catch the eyeballs of China’s young consumers, showing their strong ambition to deepen its penetration of this lucrative market.

Apple was right. Unlike Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall, JD.com is the go-to for Chinese electronic devices buyers. Teaming up with this platform, Apple has dropped a short Kungfu film titled Speed is the Only Undefeatable.

It features Apple’s latest product iPhone 13, which had sparked a buying storm at local stores on its arrival in China in late September this year, once again catapulting Apple to the top of the market. Not only did they strike the right chord in regard to video, but Apple showed deep market intelligence to use JD.com specifically, creating a message to the right audience that has motivated consumers nationwide.

Using Kungfu film to show off the ability of the newly released phone in capturing fast moves with a high-resolution camera turns out to be a practice that kills two birds with one stone for Apple. As the nostalgic video, where the traditional Chinese culture meets modern technology, has smartly tapped into the guochao trend that is continuing to gain steam in China. Once again, Apple is able to market correctly and provide the correct product for consumer demands, something that is shown in the levels of purchasing for the new iPhone 13 line.

It is reported that the new drop of the iPhone 13 series had driven the growth of Apple’s monthly sales by 46% in October. That was the highest month-on-month sales increase among all major peers in China, including Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei.

With that growth, Apple became the largest smartphone brand in the Chinese market this October. The latest tie-up would naturally be another attempt by Apple to beef up its efforts in leveraging young Chinese’s hobby in vlogging on phones while pushing the craving for its new product in China to the next level.

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