Wuhan commemorates first anniversary since COVID-19 lockdown

Wuhan marked a year anniversary since it ended lockdown yesterday (April 8). The city in Hubei province was the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak was in full lockdown for seventy-six days from January 23, 2020.

Wuhan has reported no new local COVID-19 infections since May 19, 2020. As China gears up its vaccine program, over 3.7 million doses had been administered to the city as of April 6. 

The topic attracted a lot of attention online and ‘One year anniversary of Wuhan reopening’ (武汉重启一周年) gained 360 million views on Weibo.

“Congratulations Wuhan, I show my respect to the heroes who brought Wuhan to life”

“Best wishes to Wuhan, everything will get better”

Netizens’ comments

To celebrate the first anniversary, a documentary series about Wuhan’s COVID-19 outbreak, Documentary Level 1, was debuted on April 8 on the video platform Tencent Video. It has been widely publicised and ‘#Response to Documentary Level 1’ (#纪录片一级响应) gained 110 million views on Weibo.

In other commemorative activities, online education and tutoring app Yuanfudao conducted a street performance in Wuhan. Many of Yuanfudao’s teachers participated in the campaign by singing and playing the piano in front of the company’s Wuhan branch. 

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