China’s Hellobike launches smart electric bikes

One of China’s main shared bike providers, Hellobike, has launched smart electric bijes. The company’s three newly-released products include the A80 (Elf), A86 (Turing), and B80 (Demon). However, they are currently only available to purchase and not rent, with the Hellobike A80 costing 3999 RMB ($610). 

The new electric Hellobike bikes can be activated by mobile phone and have a display showing their speed, battery power, and mileage. The bikes send warning messages about battery level and vehicle tracking to users on the Hellobike app or via SMS. Among their extensive range of features, they also offer map navigation, music playback and voice interaction.

As of November 2020, Hellobike had over 400 million registered bike rental users and operated in more than 460 cities. The company, which has received backing from Ant Group, confidentially filed for a US IPO last month according to reports. If successful, Hellobike will become the first Chinese bike-sharing company to do so.

According to the Bicycle Association, there are 300 million users of two-wheeled electric vehicles in China. Yadi 雅迪 and NIU Technologies 小牛 are two of Hellobike’s key competitors in China’s electric bike industry.

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