Shanghai Fashion Week kicks off with a sustainable and domestic focus

Shanghai Fashion Week AW 2021 kicked off on April 6 with a line-up of more than 100 physical runway shows over its week-long duration. Several international brands, including Dior, will feature, however, the spotlight is on local brands and designers which account for more than 50% of those involved.

Chinese fashion brand Mark Fairwhale opened the show with the theme ‘Mountain and Sea Generating Tide’. The collection, which was targeted at China’s young, integrated Chinese culture with international fashion.

Shanghai Fashion Week has also chosen to reflect two dominant trends in China’s retail sphere. In response to growing consciousness about sustainability, more than 40% of the brands featured in the event use environmentally friendly practices, including Susan Fang, 8ON8, Private Policy and untitlelab. As consumers opt for brands that highlight their Chinese nationality, almost 20% of participants focus on China’s intangible cultural heritage.

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