Ubras combats breast cancer with pink label campaign

Chinese women’s underwear brand Ubras is empowering women to be proactive in their breast health – one little pink label at a time.

In honour of the brand’s 7th anniversary, Ubras affixed a “little pink label” to bras in place of the standard clothing care label. These labels remind women to check their breasts before trying on the bra and include step-by-step instructions on how to do so properly.

The campaign advert explains that breast cancer has become the leading cause of death by illness for women in China, and that the survival rate for those who are treated at Stage I of the disease is over 90%.

Ubras used to be an outside contender, with homegrown Gen Z favourite NEIWAI dominating China’s underwear market for some time. But by leveraging the messaging service WeChat to provide top-notch customer follow-up – combined with the brand’s convenient one-size-fits-all bras – Ubras drove up its customer return rate to become China’s top-selling underwear brand.

Breast cancer is an especially pertinent issue in today’s China. According to 2014 research paper published in medical journal The Lancet, new diagnoses and deaths caused by the disease in China accounted for 12.2% and 9.6% of the global total respectively, a statistic that is not solely the result of China’s huge population.

The number of children a woman gives birth to affects her risk of breast cancer, with more children lowering the risk. The one-child policy therefore had a significant impact on incidences of breast cancer in China causing them to rise rapidly between 2000 and 2013.

Ubras’ “little pink label” doesn’t simply raise awareness of this issue but equips customers with the information they need to combat it. As well as contributing to an important cause, the campaign also serves as an effective marketing tool to capture China’s Gen Z, who are known to be savvy consumers who care a great deal about the social responsibility of brands.


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