Taobao embraces 10,000 different lives for 20th anniversary

The e-commerce giant Taobao launched a digital campaign to build hype on its 20th anniversary this month.

Taobao released a 2-minute film on microblogging site Weibo to mark the occasion. Encouraging customers to embrace “10,000 different lives”, the film follows adventures in the imagination of a 20-year-old woman making a birthday wish.

Her wishes, such as “to resolutely plunge into the world” and “have the courage to take flight at any time” are accompanied by fantastical visuals. Snowboarding through clouds, lounging on the belly of a giant cat, and even running through a 2-dimensional video game, the protagonist seemingly explores 10,000 lives within the short film.

This message about embracing life creates emotional resonance with young consumers and reminds them that the huge range of products offered on Taobao can facilitate all kinds of creative adventures. The campaign appeared successful at generating hype, with the film itself receiving over 5 million views and the accompanying hashtag garnering an impressive 210 million views.

Taobao has making a splash with offline events as well as digital campaigns. It recently held themed exhibits across 10 different cities to tap into the tourism frenzy of China’s busiest ever May Day holiday. Again, the campaign was designed to pull in China’s Gen Z, offering unique cultural experiences and incorporating the hottest fashion trends.


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