Shein reveals plans to reduce carbon footprint by 2030

On September 28, fast fashion retailer Shein released a number of targets to reduce its carbon footprint throughout the company by the year 2030.

In its statement, the e-retailer outlined aims to reduce their scope 1 emissions generated from Shein operations by 42%. In addition, it intends to purchase certificates for renewable energy equal to 100% of the power utilised by Shein activities. Finally, the e-commerce giant plans to cut absolute emissions by 25% throughout Shein’s entire production chain.

In order to make these goals a reality, Shein will increase its investments in energy-saving efforts and work closely with expert partners such as Brookfield Renewable Partners to transition to renewable energy sources and carbon reduction plans. As a matter of fact, Shein has committed up to 7.6 million USD in programmatic funding to Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) to build the roadmap for emissions reduction within Shein’s supply chain.

With business producing approximately 6.3 million tonnes of CO2 a year as of 2021, the move to sustainability serves as a way for the company to combat climate change as well as hold itself accountable for sustainability commitments.

Adam Whinston, Global Head of ESG at Shein, said, “We’re taking a significant step forward, announcing a new set of 2030 goals that will help us accomplish emissions reduction targets for our entire supply chain over the next seven years.

“Our partnerships with Brookfield and Aii further demonstrate our commitment to implementing long-term initiatives to empower suppliers and work to promote sustainable innovation focusing on reducing carbon emissions. This announcement further solidifies our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives at a company level.” 

Overall, considering the fact that environmental sustainability is one of the sectors where the fashion industry needs urgent transformation, Shein’s targets serve as a significant step forward for the brand. However, only time will tell if the brand notorious for its fast fashion approach will live up to such expectations.


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