Nike bands with Ant Group to launch shoe recycling mini program

On September 19, Nike joined Ant Group’s Green Energy Initiative with the launch of its “Recycle-A-Shoe” mini program on Alipay. The project encourages consumers to protect the environment by recycling their worn-out shoes.

As a reward for recycling old sneakers, consumers will obtain virtual green energy points in Alipay’s Ant Forest. Such rewards will be used for projects involving tree planting, ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation. Once collected, Nike Grind technology will transform the used gym shoes into basketball courts, soccer fields, running tracks, yoga equipment and more. 

Image: Nike Media Center; Before and after images of the construction of a primary school’s sports field in Xinxiang City, Henan Province

Nike’s “Recycle-A-Shoe” initiative has been active for 30 years. To date, more than 30 million pairs of shoes and over 120 million pounds of footwear factory materials have been recycled and repurposed. The athletic apparel giant now plans to build 100 Nike Grind Stadiums in Greater China by 2030 to protect the future of sports and help more children “get moving”. At present, there are 15 Nike Grind stadiums located in various provinces throughout the nation.

“In China, Nike continues to strive toward its goal of ‘Move to Zero’ and encourages the public to take part in environmental protection. The innovative cooperation with Ant Group allows Nike’s Recycle-A-Shoe program to reach more consumers through digital solutions on the Alipay platform and incorporates Nike’s sustainability efforts into daily life, which is our long-term commitment,” said Stanley Chang, Vice President of Operations and Logistics of Nike Greater China.

At present, Ant Group’s Green Energy Initiative is open to brands that would like to offer their customers more incentives to take eco-friendly actions. As of August 2022, the project has attracted participation from over 650 million users and more than 500 brands across multiple sectors including travel, packaging and home appliance manufacturing.

Overall, Nike’s sustainability project with Ant Group sets an example for brands to commit to a green and low-carbon lifestyle. By turning what was once created waste into new opportunities, Nike reduces its ecological footprint while expanding its charitable influence.


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