Jessica Alba’s The Honest Co. enters China’s clean beauty market

American actress Jessica Alba’s clean beauty brand The Honest Co. has officially entered the Chinese market as part of its international expansion strategy.

The LA-based brand will partner with distributor SuperOrdinary, who will work with the beauty brand to manage its e-commerce, influencer engagement, ingredient registrations, and more. In addition, the beauty brand will open its own store in Alibaba’s Tmall Global platform, offering a wide range of skincare and colour cosmetic products.

Clean beauty currently remains a niche market in China. However, it is beginning to catch on, especially as the nation’s Gen Z and millennials become more aware of sustainability and environmental issues. According to a 2020 survey conducted by KuRunData among 507 Chinese consumers, 81% of respondents were either very willing or willing to buy clean beauty skincare products.

Furthermore, new regulations are clearing the path for foreign clean beauty players to enter the Chinese market. As of 2021, China no longer requires animal testing for pre- and post-market entry for imported brands. This now opens doors for vegan or cruelty-free brands who previously may have shied away from the market.

“Clean beauty is certainly coming into its own in China  — I think two years ago, that was probably a little premature,” said Julian Reis, CEO and co-founder of SuperOrdinary. “Honest has always been a mission-driven, digitally native brand. Its focus on clean products and the clean lifestyle movement is something that I think the market is looking for, especially in China.” 

The Honest Co.’s entry into China demonstrates the growth potential of the nation’s clean beauty market. Given China’s eco-friendly makeover in regulations, consumer demands and competition landscape, clean beauty brands now have the green light for market entry.


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