Proya and China Women’s Daily launch viral video for Women’s Day

A campaign video launched by Chinese cosmetics group Proya and China Women’s Daily for International Women’s Day has gone viral in China. The video named ‘Gender is not a borderline, prejudice is’ stars rapper Yu Zhen who made her fame in the popular TV show Rap for Youth. The campaign also cooperated with ten KOLs who shared their thoughts on what gender bias is in society on social media.

The video challenged assumptions people make based on long-standing gender roles. The collaboration was unique as it is unusual to see a state-run organisation like China Women’s Daily feature in this kind of campaign.

The video gained huge traction online and many netizens commented that it inspired them to think about gender bias. The video was widely spread on WeChat Moments from WeChat Channels with 100,000+ shares, 100,000+ likes and 7,400 comments. The video also hit 3.1 million views and 2.8 million views on China Women’s Daily and Proya’s Weibo account respectively.

“Before becoming a ‘woman’ or ‘man’, we are all human beings. “Feminization” is never a derogatory term, and good qualities are gender-neutral.”

Comment from a netizen

The translation of the video carried out by CNN is shown below:

Under what circumstances do you judge something based on gender?

Seeing a traffic accident, we say: ‘Oh, a female driver.’

We say: ‘You’ve really got a nerve, you’re not like a girl at all.’

We say: ‘You’re so quiet, you’re not manly.’

We ask women: ‘How do you balance your family and career?’ But we never ask men the same question.

We ask: ‘What does it mean to be an independent woman?’ But nobody ever discusses what it means to be an independent man.

Why don’t men have the right to be fragile? Why is it derogatory, not praise, to say ‘you’re like a woman’ to a man?

Why are nice qualities such as being gentle, considerate, family-oriented, or neat exclusive to women?

Is it true that only men can be independent, courageous, strong and career-focused?

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