Douyin reports that 13.2 million women earn an income on the platform

Douyin, aka China’s TikTok, released its “2021 Douyin Female Data Report” today on International Women’s Day. The short-form video platform examined the preferences and behaviours of different age groups of female users. As well as recording the impact that women have on the platform, the report also highlights some weird and wacky habits of female users:

  • In the past year, female Douyin users posted 21.35 million videos related to love and relationship, and 53.06 million videos recording hardworking moments.
  • 13.2 million women received income directly from Douyin.
  • Female Douyin users searched 73.67 million times for excavator-related content, of which 29.43 million times were for children’s excavator toys, and other searches were mainly for large excavators digging.
  • On average, 318,000 women post selfie videos every day and delete them silently.
  • 2.01 million female users posted fitness videos. The most popular sports were running, weight training and boxing.

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