Chinese tech companies develop their own Clubhouse platforms

Following the ban of the audio streaming Clubhouse app in China, several rumours circulated that Chinese companies were creating their own version. This has indeed proven to be true!

A clone named Clubhorse popped up on WeChat Mini-Programs very shortly after the ban but was later taken down due to copyright infringements. Yingke developed the app Duihuaba 对话吧 in just four days in February with a remarkably similar appearance to Clubhouse but it is still in the testing stage. ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok and Douyin, has also joined the market and is developing a social voice chat platform.

Clubhouse replicas in China
Duihuaba app. Credit: Do News

Douyin-rival Kuaishou is testing its new voice chat app Feichuan, which means spaceship in Chinese. The platform also uses an invitation-only approach like Clubhouse and will be launching on March 6 with a special show for independent musicians.

Clubhouse replicas in China
Feichuan app. Credit: Tech Planet

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