Grid Coffee brews up exhibition in Yunnan-style wet market

Grid Coffee, an emerging Chinese brand renowned for its dedication to single-origin coffee, unveiled a groundbreaking exhibition at the San Yuan Li Food Market in Beijing, bringing the essence of coffee back to its roots with the theme “Coffee is Coffee.”  

Part of the brand’s Yunnan season, the exhibition dives into the origin of its coffee beans, offering visitors a unique perspective on Yunnan’s distinctive terroir through engaging stories and rich flavours.

Image: SocialBeta

In a creative collaboration, the brand invited Rui Hu, director of the Chinese animated film “Goose Mountain,” who extracted inspiration from the Dai ethnic group’s traditional “Deer Dance.” Hu’s creative process paid homage to the enchanting land of Yunnan with an exhibition of original sketches that depicted the province’s blend of myth, culture, and nature. This imaginative journey into southern Yunnan’s charms was vividly brought to life in the market setting, merging the two worlds of art and agriculture.

Not only did the event highlight the narratives behind Yunnan’s coffee beans but it also showcased a selection of Hu Rui’s latest artistic works. These installations served to educate consumers about the coffee’s origins, bringing the remote Yunnan farms to the bustling heart of Beijing. During the event’s lead-up, Grid Coffee even offered free speciality Yunnan-sourced  “Ying Ge” coffee beans (its name inspired by the mountains where they were cultivated) at various locations, adding to the immersive experience.

Holding an event in a wet market is a strategic move for businesses aiming to break into the Chinese market. Wet markets in China are not just places of trade; they are cultural staples where the community pulse is most vibrant. These markets are deeply integrated into the daily lives of locals, so by entering this space, brands position themselves to engage directly with a wide demographic, from the elderly who hold the purse strings of tradition to the young shoppers seeking a modern twist on their conventional routines.

Moreover, the social and interactive nature of these markets amplifies word-of-mouth marketing, a crucial factor in the Chinese business landscape. For a new brand, this translates to high visibility and an authentic introduction to local consumers, creating an immersive brand experience that can build lasting customer relationships and loyalty in a market that values both community roots and innovative experiences.

All in all, Grid Coffee’s innovative exhibition offers valuable insights for businesses aiming to foster deeper engagement with their audience. By harnessing the power of storytelling, forming creative partnerships, and engaging in educational marketing within more local and somewhat unconventional venues, companies can create immersive experiences that resonate more profoundly with consumers.


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