Givaudan and Tmall launch AI fragrance co-creation service

Swiss fragrance and beauty brand Givaudan has teamed up with Tmall to launch the first-ever AI-powered fragrance co-creation service for its Chinese customers. 

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in partnership with the Tmall Innovation Centre (TMIC), ‘Creatogether’ will allow customers to “realise their olfactory vision with unsurpassed sampling speed in China’s unique e-commerce market”. As such, the system leverages data from TMIC’s olfactive culture map and Givaudan’s AI-powered fragrance assistant to blend fragrance solutions and production capabilities.

According to Givaudan, the new project offers Chinese customers a five-step service: a creative phase involving research and analysis, olfactory visual exploration, digital fragrance co-creation using AI-based instant sampling technology, a finished product proposal, and a final step involving new product validation, launch strategy and marketing plan.

At present, the Chinese fragrance market continues to boom at lightning speed with a resurging interest in perfume. In fact, experts expect fragrance sales to reach 1.27 billion USD by the end of 2022. Beyond that, China’s fragrance sector is set to increase at an annual growth rate of 17% over the next five years, with market sales reaching 15.44 billion RMB (2.13 billion USD) by 2025.

Looking ahead, Givaudan aims to delve deeper into the Chinese market. So far, the Swiss brand has invested in a Series A funding round in Next Beauty China, a brand management partner which promotes emerging beauty brands in China.

Overall, with Chinese consumers placing greater emphasis on sensory experiences now more than ever, Givaudan’s human-machine co-creation service is sure to make waves.


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