China’s urban residents promised a maximum of 1-hour commute by 2035

The State Council Information Office has announced plans for the development of China’s transportation and logistics systems. At a press conference held on March 1, Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng introduced the “Outline of the National Comprehensive Three-dimensional Transportation Network Planning”, which states that:

  • China’s transportation and logistics system will be modernized by 2035 through the ‘National 123 Travel Circle’ and the ‘Global 123 Logistics Circle’.
  • Commute times should be no more than one hour in cities, two hours within city clusters, and three hours between major Chinese cities.
  • The logistics industry should deliver to destinations within China in one day, to nearby countries in two days, and to major global cities in three days.

The hashtag ‘#2035 China will achieve one hour commute time in cities’ hit 130 million views on Weibo and many netizens commented that they were excited to save time commuting.

Rapid development to China's transportation system
Proposed developments to China’s transportation system. Credit: Weibo

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