Staycations and all-day sports excursions soar during Golden Week

This year’s Golden Week holiday took on new travel trends in China. Faced with the unpredictability of pandemic regulations and limited long-term travel, many Chinese people began taking mini vacations to nearby places or all-day sports excursions.

According to Ctrip’s “2022 National Day Forecast Report”, young people have taken up various day-long outdoor activities in the city. Of these sports, frisbee, cycling and kayaking were the most popular, with online searches for products increasing by 50%, 74% and 80% respectively.

In terms of trip length, the report revealed that most users preferred traveling under five days. Of this data, one to two day trips accounted for 33% of travel, while 3-4 day trips accounted for 31%.

Meanwhile, local tourism dominated the market, accounting for 68% of tourists. Popular destinations amongst locals included Shanghai Disneyland, Qiandao Lake and Sanya Atlantis Resort. More than half of users chose to travel by car or embark on excursions and night tours to niche destinations.

All in all, Chinese youth’s pursuit of all-day sports has brought new life to outdoor activities during this year’s National Day holiday. Considering that enthusiasm for sports has skyrocketed in China, a combination of sports and travel might be the future of tourism in China.


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