Sexy Tea introduces new sub-brand Good Morning

The viral milk tea brand Sexy Tea – notorious for its eyebrow-raising name – has just launched a new sub brand specialising in lemon and lime tea.

The new brand, Good Morning, opened on September 19 with a total of five stores all located near Wuyi Square and Wanjiali Plaza in the business district of Changsha, Sexy Tea’s birthplace. The new stores are all located inside existing Sexy Tea outlets, funneling the foot traffic of the more established brand directly to the new product, with 15-20 more stores expected to open this year.

The Chinese brand name chosen for the sub brand is Gu De Mo Ning ((gǔ)(dé)(mò)(níng)), a direct sound translation of the English name. Three brand characters Mr. Gude, Mo Xiucai, and Suo Ning’er, have been created based on the Chinese name and brand stories will be developed around this IP as a prominent feature of upcoming marketing campaigns.

Good Morning’s grand opening on Tuesday comes after the launch of Sexy Tea’s first sub-brand, Yuanyang Coffee, in August last year. Sexy Tea, Yuanyang Coffee, and Good Morning, all share a recognisable “retro Chinese-style” aesthetic with fonts that mimic traditional calligraphy styles and imagery reminiscent of Tang dynasty paintings.

According to a report published by Red Food Network, the number of lemon tea stores nationwide has had an average annual growth rate of 103.3% since 2021. As of April 25, 2023, the number of lemon tea specialty stores nationwide has tripled since 2020, now clocking in at 9,678.

“The previous range of lemon tea drinks launched by Sexy Tea was popular and from this we saw the possibilities of the lemon tea market and decided to incubate the new brand,” a spokesperson told CBN Data. Alongside its lemon and lime teas, Good Morning also has an exciting new Lime Wine range available to customers daily after 4.30pm.


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