QuestMobile reveals China’s top 10 most popular mobile platforms in 2021

In June 2021, the number of mobile Internet users in China reached a record high of 1.164 billion, according to a report by QuestMobile. This marks a net increase of 9.62 million, but was slower than the previous year’s growth in June 2020.

The active penetration rate of social networking, video, and shopping for mobile users is above 90%, which is considerably higher than that of other industries.  

QuestMobile’s report also revealed China’s top ten platforms in June 2021 according to monthly active users:

WeChat997 million
Taobao 829 million
Alipay775 million
Douyin645 million
QQ644 million
Amap633 million
iQiyi570 million
Baidu570 million
Sougou Pinyin526 million
Pinduoduo512 million

The list is dominated by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, three of China’s largest tech companies. Baidu-owned video streaming platform iQiyi and Baidu search engine placed 8th and 9th respectively. Tencent holds ownership of the platform which topped the charts, social ecosystem WeChat, as well as messaging service QQ and Chinese pinyin input tool Sougou Pinyin. Meanwhile, e-commerce platform Taobao, payment service Alipay and map provider Amap are all affiliates of Alibaba.

The remaining two platforms in the top 10 list are ByteDance-owned short-video platform Douyin (Chinese TikTok) and the group-buying platform Pinduoduo. The popular news and trends platform Weibo ranked 12th.

The report highlighted how Gen-Z’s high dependence on the Internet will provide strong momentum for further development of the mobile Internet industry, especially within gaming, learning, reading, and fashion.

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