Douyin tests social connection feature “Shake It”, rivalling WeChat

According to reports by Tech Planet, ByteDance-owned short video platform Douyin is testing a new location-based social feature called Yao Yi Yao, which translates as “Shake it”. By shaking their phone, Douyin users can automatically connect to others nearby in a virtual social room. The room host can choose a topic for the group to discuss; users who are not satisfied with their room can rematch by shaking their phone again.

Douyin’s Shake It feature is similar to WeChat’s Shake function which also acts as a social platform to connect strangers. However, the key difference is that WeChat emphasises one-to-one chat, while Douyin focuses on bringing users together in a group.

The development of the Shake It feature and the recent launch of the Xingdong Takeaway service highlights that Douyin is gradually transforming from an entertainment channel to a social lifestyle platform.

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