Alibaba’s supermarket business Hema launches member store in Beijing

On 18 June, Alibaba-owned supermarket chain Hema opened an X member store in Beijing. This follows the successful launch of its first member outlet in Shanghai in October last year.

The supermarket chain is also opening another Hema X in Shanghai and plans to add eight more member-only stores in China this year. Hema’s expansion follows growing demand for fresh food products as health continues to be an important trend among Chinese consumers in 2021. Only for members, the Hema X store is targeted at affluent families.

The Hema X stores integrate online and offline operations and have more than 3000 products over a floor space of ​​17,000 square meters. Using advanced logistics, Hema has expanded its distribution range for members from 3km to 20km, and sped up the delivery time.

“Hema X member stores offer a membership-driven experience above that of existing Hema supermarkets. The combination of different store formats can complement one another to serve a city’s fast-moving and advanced consumption needs.”

Hou Yi, HemaFresh CEO

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