L’Oréal Paris brings in $3.4m in a week at launch event for Douyin store

On May 1 (Labour Day), L’Oréal Paris opened its first offline flagship store globally in Shanghai. The brand also launched an e-commerce store on the short-video platform Douyin (Chinese TikTok) to sell directly to the platform’s users.

From 30 April to 6 May, the brand held an event in partnership with Douyin Super Product Day called “The hall of beautiful gifts, two stores open together” (“美礼殿堂,双店齐开”). L’Oréal Paris brought in over 22 million RMB ($3.4 million) during the event and saw traffic on its Chinese marketing channels, including Weibo, WeChat and Xiaohongshu, exceed 120 million.

The number of searches for “L’Oréal Paris” on Douyin increased by 200% over the previous week. The related hashtags on Douyin: “#who is not a French lady” (#谁还不是个法式名媛#) and “#travelling in Paris at home” (#足不出户游法国#) hit 30 million and 11 million views respectively. 

Douyin flagship stores are increasingly a popular choice for brands due to the rise of social commerce and the popularity of short video in China. Perfect Diary and Huawei are among the companies to have a store on the platform.

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