Douyin’s ‘Queen’s Day’ shopping festival brings in $2.1 billion

Short-form video platform Douyin has released a report documenting the activities and consumption patterns of female users during its first-ever ‘Queen’s Day’ shopping festival. ‘Queen’s Day‘ and ‘Goddess Day’ have become alternative names for International Women’s Day in China as brands seek to encourage women to pamper themselves during the special day.

The “2021 Douyin E-commerce Queen’s Day Data Report” reveals that the total turnover of Douyin’s ‘Queen’s Day’ festival from February 27 to March 8 was 13.63 billion RMB ($2.1 billion). During the event, female livestreamers brought in 64% of the total sales during the event. This is representative of the way in which more and more women are leveraging the opportunities on the platform and are joining Douyin as content creators and livestreamers.

During the festival, Douyin set up livestreaming channels including the ‘Main Venue’, ‘Brand Venue’, and ‘Livestreamers’ Zone’ to provide a diversified shopping experience for consumers. 10.9 billion users watched livestreams on Douyin during the shopping festival and the number of interactive comments exceeded 1.13 billion.

The report also revealed the differing consumer preferences of women. Women born in the 60s spent heavily on skincare and formal clothing, especially facial creams and scarves. Those born in the 70s focused on comfortable clothing, casual shoes, and leggings. Women born in the 80s tended towards accessories, facial masks and earrings, while post-90s were fond of food, especially easy-to-cook snacks such as spicy soup base and snail soup noodles.

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