Kuaishou and JD.com launch “Blooming Chinese ingredients” event

On August 17, Kuaishou and JD.com joined hands with Cosmopolitan Magazine China and celebrity Zhang Tianai to create the themed event of “Blooming Chinese Ingredients”. So far, the hashtag “Blooming China” has generated over 1.4 billion views and over 120,000 related posts on the short video platform. 

In the early stages of the event, renowned star Zhang Tianai helped shoot TV commercials using stories and high-quality marketing to help skincare brands break into the online e-commerce market. The star additionally participated in a live broadcast with skincare ingredient expert Yan Yan which amassed tens of millions of views on Kuaishou.

Image: Sohu

As for JD.com, Wang Tao, general manager of JD’s retail beauty business department said, “JD Beauty has always been concerned about user needs and new consumption trends, and insight into ‘ingredients’ is to open a window to communicate with users.” Since the event, JD.com’s brand has increased in popularity by 98.3% on Kuaishou. 

Over the past few years, the demand for “ingredient science” for cosmetics has become an increasing demand for people who are interested in online beauty content. On the Kuaishou platform, “salicylic acid”, “amino acid”, “freeze-dried powder”, “hyaluronic acid”, “nicotinamide” and other ingredient keywords have accounted for 74% of the search volume of beauty content. At the same time, the number of short videos on Kuaishou related to beauty and makeup soared to 46.8 billion in 2021, and the total live stream viewing time surged to 32 million hours.

At present, Kuaishou’s “new market business” of live streams, with its advantages of accumulating traffic, content, and talent, is opening up new markets for the entire beauty industry. The platform boasts over 300 million daily active users and a higher engagement rate compared to Douyin. 

Overall, Kuaishou’s collaboration with JD.com to push Chinese skincare ingredients to the forefront of the market has fared exceptionally well with users. By combining professional and informative live streams with familiar famous faces, the event promotes local skincare ingredients while bridging the gap between businesses and consumers.


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