Lancôme’s recycling program bolsters green consumption in China

After three years of operation, Lancôme’s “Empty Bottle Recycling Program” initiative has successfully collected and recycled over 10 million empty bottles. Over 100,000 people reportedly participated in the cosmetic brand’s sustainable event.

Initially launched in June 2019, the project covers 100% of Lancôme’s offline stores across the country and has set up empty bottle recycling bins in more than 330 locations. Once the makeup bottles are collected, they are sent to factories and are subsequently processed into raw materials that can be used to create new containers.

Image: SocialBeta

Lancôme additionally created its “empty bottle redemption points” system as a way to incentivise consumers to actively participate. For every full-size empty bottle recycled, consumers will receive 200 points – with a maximum of 1,000 points per month. Participation points can redeem exclusive Lancôme products and other extended services.

As sustainability bubbles up in China, brands are becoming more conscious and even enthusiastic about recycling “empties”. Not only does the environmental benefit from this movement, but companies do as well. By recycling old materials, brands can improve repurchase rates and establish themselves as a “green” brand in consumers’ minds.

Moreover, Lancôme’s sustainable project coincides with China’s mission to reduce carbon emissions. According to the “Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030”, the government will implement a carbon emissions accounting system across various industries by 2023. By 2025, companies in seven sectors (including consumer goods) with annual revenue of 2.9 million USD must cut energy use by 13.5% from 2020 levels.

Overall, Lancôme has spared no effort to integrate environmental protection actions into the daily lives of consumers. Through its recycling initiative, the cosmetics brand aims to lead the sustainable beauty movement and protect biodiversity for generations to come.


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