Huawei spin-off Honor reclaims top spot in China’s smartphone market

Amid a 5% slump in China’s smartphone shipments for the third consecutive quarter, Honor (formerly owned by Huawei) has reclaimed its dominant position in the Chinese smartphone market. The brand secured an impressive 18% of the market share and outpaced its competitors with 11.8 million shipments.

This surge in Honor’s stature can be attributed to a strategic combination of competitive pricing, a varied product lineup, and aggressive retail efforts. Oppo, inclusive of OnePlus, trailed in second position with 10.9 million units, while Apple clinched third, shipping 10.6 million units. Rounding out the top contenders, Vivo and Xiaomi secured market shares of 16% and 14% respectively.

Honor’s ascent, especially after its detachment from Huawei Technologies in 2020, showcases its knack for evolving with market demands. The brand diligently expanded its brick-and-mortar footprint, elevated its brand perception, and crafted affordable mid-range products designed to entice a broader audience.

At the same time, Apple experienced a boost in the luxury handset segment in China with the iPhone 15 series, while Huawei witnessed a 37% sales escalation year-on-year, underlining the robust domestic appetite for its Mate 60 Pro lineup.

Honor’s adept navigation of the ever-fluctuating Chinese smartphone market and other brands’ strategic moves offer a treasure trove of lessons for businesses. Key takeaways include the essence of consumer-centric approaches, the importance of timely innovation, and the value of adaptability during industry upheavals. As companies chart their future course, anchoring strategies in customer needs, market trends, and continual product reinvention will likely be their compass to success.


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