Dianping’s decompression stations draw crowds at Programmer’s Day event

In celebration of Programmer’s Day on October 24, Yelp-style business review platform Dianping collaborated with various merchants for a pop-up event at Shenzhen’s Science and Technology Park. The event, dubbed  “1024 Programmer’s Day”, catered to the vast programmer community, providing an array of relaxation and entertainment activities for local workers to unwind.

Image: Zhihu

The relentless rhythm of modern professional life in China’s biggest cities has carved out a niche for therapeutic and wellness consumer trends. This burgeoning “wellness economy”, featuring offerings like spa massages, pet-centric experiences, and other avenues promoting a slower pace of life, is witnessing tremendous growth. 

Spotting this trend, Dianping joined forces with local merchants to roll out complimentary massage sessions for the work-weary, earning heartfelt appreciation from attendees. Zhang, a programmer at the park, remarked post-massage, “I feel rejuvenated and ready for the afternoon’s tasks.”

Additionally, the event saw the likes of a local pet shop that brought in cats to boost spirits, and game stands like whack-a-mole and bubble wrap popping allowed attendees to take a much-needed breather.

The bustling event also hosted a range of beverage merchants like Morse Coffee and Hengba Coffee, ensuring attendees remained energised throughout. With its focus on urban youth development, the event highlighted the importance of mental and physical well-being in the workplace.

Recent data shines a spotlight on a growing concern in China: depression and anxiety are increasingly affecting its populace. According to a study from PubMed Central, a whopping 35% of Chinese workers are struggling to handle stress. Even more concerning, nearly a third of these workers believe their mental well-being, or lack thereof, is taking a toll on their social lives and job performance. However, it’s not all grim news as over the past ten years, China has been rolling up its sleeves and introducing new mental health laws with companies following suit.

All in all, Dianping’s innovative approach to Programmer’s Day offers valuable insights for businesses. Recognising and addressing emerging consumer trends, like the health and wellness industry, can yield substantial engagement and appreciation from target audiences. Collaborative events that prioritise consumer well-being, especially in high-stress professions, not only cater to immediate needs but also foster brand loyalty and trust. Businesses looking to make impactful connections with their consumers should consider similarly tailored, audience-focused events that prioritise well-being and relaxation.


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