Estée Lauder redefines ‘Double Wear’, tapping into China’s fitness fever

The American beauty care label Estée Lauder has capitalised on China’s growing fitness fever by launching a “decoding campaign”, inviting fitness influencers to redefine ‘DW’ which originally stood for the “Double Wear” foundation that the brand is synonymous with.

Under the tagline “High-rank stay-in-place, I define DW”, the campaign engaged not only the friend of the brand’s cosmetics product line, Luo Yizhou, a post-00s Chinese singer, but also one of China’s top video game players Miss, dubbed “China’s Queen of Video Games” who has over 14 million fans on China’s biggest microblogging site Weibo, and the popular fitness coach and blogger “Saturday Wild” (or Zhouliu Ye in Chinese) who has accumulated over 5.6 million followers on both Weibo and lifestyle-sharing platform Xiaohongshu, leveraging both celebrity influence and some of the nation’s most craved trends.  

Whilst such efforts have already made waves on Chinese social media, these KOLs are prompting public discussions with their definitions of “DW” based on their own niche, which has also drawn in Internet users to share their own interpretations of the two letters. The collaboration with SUPERMONKEY, a “new-style” gym in China, on the other hand, is at the core of the campaign.

Having teamed up with the health club which has been transforming the country’s traditional fitness to cater to the demands of the young generations, the two partners introduced a “DW High-Rank Class”, which has been led by some of SUPERMONKEY’s star coaches.

Having the product’s long-lasting efficacy tested in a hot and humid environment through sweaty activities, this cooperation allows Estée Lauder to unlock China’s active communities whilst promoting the sought-after offerings to gym-goers who also want to wear cosmetics. As a result of the collaborative efforts, the offline training class is reported to have seen registrations from 25,000+ fitness enthusiasts and the campaign hashtag has garnered over 210 million views with more than 1.1 million discussions developing on the digital forum of Weibo.


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