Estée Lauder highlights women’s careers with podcast collaboration

Estée Lauder teamed up with the Chinese-language podcast Story FM for its recent POWER OF ME campaign.

Story FM sent out a call for successful career women to share stories of working in male-dominated environments. They heard back from women working in a variety of industries, including firefighting, military research and development, and smart manufacturing. Their stories, told in their own voices, were collated into a podcast episode entitled “My achievements have nothing to do with my gender”. 

Excerpts from some of the participants’ stories were also published on Estée Lauder’s account on Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent. The post highlighted key quotes from the podcast like, “Even in a place where there are no ladies’ toilets, there is a place for me” and “There’s no such thing as women’s and men’s teams in E-sports”.

The campaign was a promotional vehicle for Estée Lauder’s Micro Essence lotion, which the brand hopes will “awaken the hidden power” in customers by bestowing “beauty and courage” through skin resurfacing. Three lucky Estée Lauder fans who liked and commented on the promotional post on Weibo received a free 100ml bottle of Micro Essence lotion.

By collaborating with a podcast known for its in-depth social commentary, Estée Lauder tapped into China’s “She Economy” in an unconventional way. Teaming up with Story FM allowed Estée Lauder to platform women’s empowerment stories in more detail than might be possible in a typical visual campaign, and also taps into the growing success of podcasts among single and highly educated young Chinese.


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