She Economy: 3 trends leading the growth of Chinese women’s economy

The female-targeted market is called “She Economy” in China. One week after International Women’s Day, the fast development of “She Economy” has been under the spotlight.

According to the report “2022 She Economy Insights” released by QuestMobile, a professional big data intelligence services provider, it highlights that with the development and penetration of the mobile Internet, the number of active female users has increased year on year, reaching 582 million.

There are 3 new trends in “She Economy” which help marketers better understand what to expect and pay close attention to in 2022.

She Power

During the 2022 Winter Olympics, female athletes represented by Eileen Gu have made enormous gains. They mobilised the enthusiasm of the Chinese audience to watch the games. Under the sports boom driven by the Olympics, sports brands have greatly increased their advertising with more and more female athletes being selected as sports brand ambassadors.

She Sharing

Female users have preferences for influencers in various fields, and those influencers have become an important source of content in the education and fashion industry, and also for brand recommendations. In addition to being the audience, women are also more involved in content creation, becoming influencers in beauty, baby care, and product reviews.

She Consumption

Data from the report revealed that the number of women who plan to buy a car has reached 33.37 million, an increase of 26.1% compared to last year. Women have become an increasingly important force among car buyers. Car brands designed for women have had a significant impact in attracting female consumers.

In terms of gaming, mobile gaming is more popular amongst women than men. The proportion of women in mobile games such as ‘Harry Potter’ has been outstanding in the past six months, and the market increase from female players should not be underestimated. Female players are outnumbering male players in leading mobile games such as ‘Honor of Kings’ and ‘Game for Peace’, both of which were developed by Tencent.


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