Chanel becomes most active luxury brand on WeChat

Since 2022, Chanel, the French luxury fashion house, owns the highest overall viewings amongst 6 high-end brands including Fendi, Prada, Burberry and Louis Vuitton, on its Service Account on WeChat, China’s instant messaging app owned by Tencent.

In comparison to the 6 other mega-brands, Chanel also posted the most articles with a total of 72 and views ranging between 5,000 to 100,000. While Louis Vuitton scheduled the least amount of content which accounted for only half of Chanel’s, and each piece being read by over 100,000 followers.

In terms of the WeChat Service Account, it is a public profile which allows individuals or organisations to share personalised content to target audiences so as to leverage brand awareness and level up engagement. 

As per Statista, WeChat garnered approximately 1.31 billion monthly active users by the end of 2022, while the country’s population stood at 1.4 billion as of December 2021, which led to the shocking realisation that almost all Chinese citizens are using WeChat on a daily basis.

In the meantime, citizens at home have no access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which dominate the western world.

Given WeChat’s massive user base, it has become an unmissable social platform for high-end players to embrace the world’s largest luxury market and use it as an efficient tool to monitor user behaviours.

WeChat also owns a wide range of functions which can be a great advantage for implementing tactics, like WeChat Mall, WeChat e-commerce mini-program, WeChat Service Account, or teaming up with KOLs to roll out unique accounts to get more traction and allow traffic redirection.

Take Hermès for example, the luxury player launched a WeChat mini-program in 2018 combined with its offline vinyl record pop-up event called “SilkMix”, enabling users who could not make it to the pop-up location to create their own remixed records using the Hermès runway music along with the brand’s iconic scarf pattern online.

In summary, with the significant commerce opportunity on WeChat and its diverse functions, there are plenty of innovated strategies waiting to be carved out by brands to present its products, wow users and as such stand to profit greatly. 


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