Alibaba’s supermarket Hema launches smart electronic price tags

Alibaba’s supermarket chain Hema 盒马, also known as Freshippo, will rollout smart electric price tags in its stores across China from June. 

Currently, price tags are commonly written manually which is very labour-intensive as they must be printed, checked, and changed regularly. Electronic price tags can increase the efficiency of supermarkets and also improve consumers’ shopping experience by providing them with more information. While written tags only display the price and origin of a product, electronic tags can connect to the supermarket’s database and show, for example, the freshness of the product and when it was put on the supermarket shelves.

Hema has said that the electronic price tags will allow staff to gather products for online orders within four minutes, compared to 15 minutes with paper price tags.

Other supermarkets which have already installed electronic price tags use them for a wide range of applications. For example, customers can scan the QR code on the price tag to watch a livestream involving the product.

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