China’s immediate consumption market booms as night delivery orders grow

E-commerce giant and Dada Group, a Chinese platform for local retail and delivery, have jointly released a report exploring China’s immediate consumption market (“2021年即时消费行业报告”).

Users have a growing demand for immediate delivery services. In 2020, users on JD to Home (京东到家),’s O2O life service platform which offers immediate deliveries, made more purchases between 8 am and 8 pm than users on the main site of

The report highlights two key trends for the immediate consumption market:

The rise in evening and midnight consumption 

The number of users making purchases late at night (0-2 am) has seen significant growth. 40% of the orders placed on JD to Home between midnight and 2 am were for medicine, followed by snacks and cereals, oils, and non-staple foods. During the night, midnight is the peak time for ordering medicine, 1 am for pet-related orders, and 2 am for takeaway food.

Immediate consumption shifts from fresh food to all products

Immediate consumption is expanding from a focus on fresh food to all products. In 2020, fresh food and beverages, household cleaning, personal care and other fast-moving consumer goods were the core categories of immediate consumption. 

However, consumers are wanting more types of products delivered immediately. In 2020, the fastest-growing category of JD to Home’s sales was door-to-door services, followed by jewellery accessories, computers, mobile phones, sports, and outdoor equipment.

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