Xreal brings immersive cinema to London streets with AR glasses

In a novel twist on traditional film viewing, Chinese augmented reality (AR) firm Xreal (formerly known as Nreal) showcased its cutting-edge technology during this year’s London Film Festival. 

By converting the quintessentially British double-decker bus into a state-of-the-art mobile cinema, the AR glasses brand showed audiences an unparalleled viewing experience right on the streets of the UK’s capital.

Xreal’s innovative approach, nicknamed “IMAX in your pocket”, comes at a time when AR adoption in China has been witnessing explosive growth. According to Statista, China’s AR and VR market is projected to reach 6.6 billion USD by the end of 2023, with an increasing number of consumers embracing AR-powered products and services.

As the London Film Festival progressed, the Xreal bus become a major attraction. Moving seamlessly between festival venues and London’s hottest tourist spots, it drew the attention of not just film enthusiasts but also scores of locals and tourists. Industry insiders noted that the campaign not only introduced the brand to the UK market but also leveraged influencers from various domains to further its reach and appeal.

Image: Xreal/Weibo

All in all, Xreal’s move into the heart of London highlights the boundless potential of AR in reshaping entertainment landscapes worldwide. For businesses keen on pioneering innovative experiences, the key takeaway is the limitless possibilities augmented reality offers in capturing audiences’ imagination and fostering brand engagement in an increasingly digital age.


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