Will academics and industry experts redefine short-form video platforms?

Kuaishou, a Chinese competitor to Douyin, launched a new program named “新知董事会” (Knowledge Board), trying to redefine short-form video platform. Its first episode, live-streamed last Friday, was a huge success. Despite being one-and-a-half-hour long, the show gained an encouraging 65.4 million views.

Knowledge Board is featured as a combination of a talk show and a debating program. The highlight is that all the speakers or debaters invited are knowledgeable experts or academics, who are active in certain fields. Having them on camera is a great challenge to the current perception of live streamers.

Each episode of the show is dedicated to a debate on close-to-life and trendy topics, including “Money” (involuted society, the definition of success, health anxiety, etc.), “Family of Origin” and “Fate” (gender inequality, population aging, family education, etc.), “Consumption Culture” (group purchasing, investment, premature consumption, etc.) and “Workplace Battle”.

With 300 million active users, Kuaishou strives to produce content that speaks to their heart. “We conducted a survey with over 2000 users on our platform. Over 89% of them showed strong interests in pan-knowledge content (“泛知识”), informative yet generic knowledge”, said staff from Kuaishou.

The 2021 Half-Year Report on Kuaishou’s Content Ecosystem has shown that law, science, finance, news, and history were the top 5 types of content with the fastest growth on views. “After shopping with our live streamers, they can also enjoy the content that answers questions to their personal life at a deeper level. This is how we create a richer experience for our users.”

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