China’s stock market investors reached 189 million

On September 2, Vice-chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Yang Qingmin pointed out that, by the end of June 2021, the number of Chinese investors had reached 189 million. In addition, the total number of listed companies reached 4386, equating to a total market value of approximately 86.37 trillion RMB ($13.38 trillion), which would make it the second-largest stock market by value worldwide.

This increase is in part down to the rapid rise of China’s economic development, with more Chinese people having higher amounts of disposable income, empowering more of the population to invest.

In line with this continued expansion and trajectory of the Chinese economy, these figures are expected to increase in the future, allowing for more investment.

Due to the Chinese population investing more, there is a real case for not only Chinese companies increasing in size and stature, but also the people within China accelerating their own personal income. Stocks and funds will also become an important part of common household asset allocation.

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