WeChat is testing a “handy” new payment feature

QR code and mobile face-scanning payment methods are prevalent in modern-day life. This is due to tech giants such as Alibaba and Tencent who have made this possible – envisioning a system of seamless transactions that improves convenience, marking the beginning of cash payments becoming obsolete.  

WeChat recently revealed that they are testing a new payment method called “Palm-Scanning Payment”. After users link their palms to their WeChat account, users only need to swipe their palms across the scan area of WeChat payment machines to complete transactions. 

Tencent has stated that this technology is still in its infancy and that there is no real application plan yet, but this new method to verify payment is one that could become a staple in the near future.  

This news coincides with Amazon’s announcement in April, that they will be extending their ‘swipe payment’ to more stores so that shoppers can scan their palms to complete purchases.  

Some netizens have raised ethical concerns that their private biometric data could be exploited if this technology comes into effect. 

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